Monday, May 26, 2014

Then&Now | 1966 Editorials VS 2013/14 Editorials

A small collection of photos pairings from 1966 Harper's Bazaar and Vogue editorials VS  editorials from 2013/14 fashion magazines that I did after finding the photos from Cher's editorial for Vogue on Nov. 1966.

The same posture lines with the arms and projected leg with the contrasting background. 
Now | Harper's Bazaar, Spring 2013  Then | Photo by John Cowan for Vogue 1966

The gold structured dress against the natural fauna with the impeccable hair. 
Then | Vogue, 1966 

I love how the lining of the jacket on the left mimics the chrome lines on the car to the right. Monochromatic high contrasting goodness. 
Now | Daria Werbowy for Harpers Bazaar, February 2014   Then | Cher by Richard Avedon for Vogue 1966

Just like mothers and daughters really. 
Then | Jean Shrimpton and Moyra Swan in Vogue, 1966  

Then | Helmut Newton for Vogue 1966 Now | Xiao Wen Ju for Elle Singapore 2014

Then | Irene Galitzine dress Harper's Bazaar, October 1966 

Now | Daria Werbowy for Harpers Bazaar, February 2014 Then | Cher by Richard Avedon for Vogue 1966

The neckline. 
Then | Lauren Hutton, Vogue 1966   Now | Christy Turlington for Harper’s Bazaar UK January 2014
It's all about that Angelina leg pose and high nose. 
Then | Cher by Richard Avedon, Vogue 1966 
Then | Wilhelmina, photo by Irving Penn for Vogue, 1966 Now | Graphic Impact - Harper's Bazaar, February 2013

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art Files No. 4 | Sister Corita Kent

Sister Corita Kent - cuz nothing says “badass" like being an activist/artist nun, that just so happens to be friends with Saul Bass, Charles and Ray Eames and Alfred Hitchcock.
Continuing with the serigraphy theme this week, I just love the typography and colour work throughout her art pieces. They are a well balanced mixture between sentences from the scriptures, references to 60’s and 70’s adds, street imagery and overall Pop Art aesthetic. A true artist that changed how serigraphy has used and that influenced what later came to be street art.
She taught Art at the Immaculate Heart School in Los Angeles and you can see here (a clip from Become a Microscope, a 2009 film about Corita) how she influenced her students by taking them to car washes and playing rock music during her classes (again - badass).
Kent's work addressed many of the 70’s main issues like the civil rights and the Vietname War, eventually her work as a women’s rights advocate, and the resistance from the Catholic Church to reform its policies regarding the subject, lead to Corita’s abandonment of the ministry.
She dedicated the rest of her life to making art. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Screen Printing & Being Back

Photos from last week screen printing workshop, helping a friend that was trying not to die from boredom while her arm was plastered to make a mold, eating a great hamburger at Real Hamburgueria and remembering that even though my university is old and decrepit I still think it’s crazy beautiful and comforting.

• It's good to be back 

About screen printing, I’ve been meaning to learn it for so long that I’m overjoyed about finally doing a workshop on it. It was short but I got to try everything and learn the basics like how to work with vinyl and do mono printing. The final result, full of mistakes and errors (but I really don’t care), it’s a mix between screen printing with vinyl and mono printing pressed by hand and with a press. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

On a personal note

Paris is not my sort of fellow. We tried something casual a few years back, it lasted a week or so. It was good and fun and not too serious. But now that we’re committed and even end up living with each other I see clearly our incompatibilities. It happens sometimes, it’s an experience and you never really meant for it to go sour but somehow it did. 
Maybe you got a little carried away at first, you even gave it a shot and said “Sure, let’s do it”. Now months later the bags are packed at the door, you called a friend to come pick you up and you’re trying to evaluate your gains and your losses. There were gains, lots of them, otherwise the relationship would have ended earlier. However, there were losses. I don’t mind it happening. Even a great love doesn’t have to be ever after love. 

So with that in mind - Paris baby, I dig you, you’re really cool and experient and you’re doing stuff with your life. Still, I think that you keep repeating the same old stories over and over and you're kinda living in the past. We’ve had some smashing times, but I’m moving on. It’s okay, there’s tons of Portuguese girls around so you’re not even noticing I’m gone.  Hope we can still go pick up lunch from a boulangerie and eat seating in the park. But not on the ground because that’s full of dog poop and empty bottles…Maybe in a nice needle free bench.


   We’ll keep in touch, okay?

Ps. I will forever keep near to my heart the people that made it great. The friends that made it possible for me and Paris to have smashing times.