Friday, May 2, 2014

On a personal note

Paris is not my sort of fellow. We tried something casual a few years back, it lasted a week or so. It was good and fun and not too serious. But now that we’re committed and even end up living with each other I see clearly our incompatibilities. It happens sometimes, it’s an experience and you never really meant for it to go sour but somehow it did. 
Maybe you got a little carried away at first, you even gave it a shot and said “Sure, let’s do it”. Now months later the bags are packed at the door, you called a friend to come pick you up and you’re trying to evaluate your gains and your losses. There were gains, lots of them, otherwise the relationship would have ended earlier. However, there were losses. I don’t mind it happening. Even a great love doesn’t have to be ever after love. 

So with that in mind - Paris baby, I dig you, you’re really cool and experient and you’re doing stuff with your life. Still, I think that you keep repeating the same old stories over and over and you're kinda living in the past. We’ve had some smashing times, but I’m moving on. It’s okay, there’s tons of Portuguese girls around so you’re not even noticing I’m gone.  Hope we can still go pick up lunch from a boulangerie and eat seating in the park. But not on the ground because that’s full of dog poop and empty bottles…Maybe in a nice needle free bench.


   We’ll keep in touch, okay?

Ps. I will forever keep near to my heart the people that made it great. The friends that made it possible for me and Paris to have smashing times.

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